“Fishing Lake Winnie: Catching Walleyes on Lake Winnibigoshish, MN”

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Fishing for walleyes on Lake Winnibigoshish, or “Big Winnie,” can be a challenge even for seasoned anglers. Nestled within the landscapes of Minnesota, this lake is teeming with an abundant population of these elusive fishes.

This blog will provide you with stellar tips and guidance to hook your dream walleye successfully, from understanding their habitats to following effective fishing techniques. Dive in now; adventure awaits!

Key Takeaways

Fishing for Walleyes on Lake Winnibigoshish

Discover the ultimate tips and techniques for landing walleyes on Lake Winnibigoshish, MN.

Tips and techniques for successful walleye fishing

Successful walleye fishing on Lake Winnibigoshish requires a blend of skill, knowledge, and the right tools. Here are some recommended tips and techniques:

  1. Using jigs, spinners, or crankbaits is common practice among seasoned anglers. These can lure big Winnie walleyes.
  2. Walleye fishing legends like Al Lindner and guide Tom Neustrom achieve success using these techniques on Lake Winnibigoshish.
  3. Vertical jigging with fathead minnows is one way to target walleye after dark effectively. This method proves fruitful on Big Winnie.
  4. Fishing at varying depths is critical for catching walleye on Lake Winnibigoshish, as they often inhabit different zones throughout the day.
  5. Structure targeting helps locate fishing spots where walleyes hide around sunken islands or reefs.
  6. Pike Fishing can often result in a bonus catch while angling for walleyes with similar tactics such as trolling and baitcasting.
  7. Denny’s Resort provides summer fishing opportunities for all types of anglers targeting the robust fishery of Lake Winnibigoshish.
  8. Keenly studying the fishing reports can give insights into various conditions affecting fish behavior like water temperature and ice conditions.
  9. Walleye are elusive; hence persistence is key when it comes to landing these majestic creatures successfully.
  10. Finally renting a sleeper fish house could make your trip more convenient and comfortable during winter months.

Best spots and times to catch walleye

Lake Winnibigoshish, often fondly referred to as Lake Winnie by anglers, is a walleye fishing paradise. The vast Minnesota lake’s clear waters are teeming with these sought-after fish.

Among the top spots for casting your line include Ravens Point and from Stoney Point to the Pigeon River, not forgetting Muskie Bay. These locations have proven time and again to be a haven for walleyes, especially in the summer months of May, June, September, and October – where phenomenal catches are practically guaranteed.

Likewise, May through to the first week of July has been marked as prime time for bagging this popular specie while mid-August until freeze-up also offers bountiful opportunities on big winnie.

Savvy anglers armed with essential fishing guides can confidently look forward to reeling in impressive catches during these periods on Lake Winnibigoshish.

Targeting different depths and structures

Lake Winnibigoshish offers abundant opportunities for walleye angling, thanks to its diverse topography and depths. To increase your chances of a successful walleye catch, try these tactics:

  1. Look for structures: Walleyes often hide around underwater structures. Cast your line near edges, drop-offs and sandbars that are a common feature in Lake Winnie.
  2. Explore different depths: With a median depth of 15 feet and spots running as deep as 60-plus feet, you can find walleyes at varying levels in the water column. They are typically found in water depths ranging from 14 to 30 feet.
  3. Time your fishing: The best fishing times vary by season but May, June, September, and October are particularly strong months for catching walleyes in Lake Winnibigoshish.
  4. Use the right bait: Consider using live minnows or artificial lures mimicking their natural prey to entice them.
  5. Confer with local experts: Staying updated on the latest fishing reports or checking with local fishing guides like those provided by Denny’s Resort might give you an edge during your angling expedition.

Other Fishing Opportunities on Lake Winnie

Explore more than just walleye fishing on Lake Winnie, with exciting opportunities to catch northern pike, musky, and a variety of perch and panfish.

Northern Pike Fishing

Lake Winnie is not only a hot spot for walleye fishing but also offers exceptional opportunities for Northern Pike fishing. With an average size ranging from 5 to 15 pounds, the pike in Lake Winnie are known to put up quite a fight.

Regulations are in place, ensuring sustainable angling and spearing practices. The growth of Northern Pike in the lake remains steady, comparable to previous surveys and statewide averages.

So if you’re looking for some thrilling action alongside your walleye pursuit on Lake Winnie, don’t miss out on targeting these feisty predators.

Musky Fishing

Lake Winnie, also known as Lake Winnibigoshish, is not just a hotspot for walleye fishing, but it also offers excellent opportunities to catch musky. This expansive lake is home to some impressive muskies that can reach record-breaking sizes.

In fact, the state record muskie weighing a whopping 57 lbs was caught right here on Lake Winnie! These elusive fish can be found lurking in the depths of the lake, providing an exciting challenge for anglers seeking the ultimate trophy catch.

When targeting musky on Lake Winnie, it’s important to equip yourself with the right gear and techniques. Large lures such as bucktails and jerkbaits are commonly used to entice these powerful predators.

The summer months of May through October are particularly phenomenal for musky fishing on this beautiful lake. As you explore different areas of Lake Winnie, keep in mind that these majestic fish often inhabit structures like weed beds and rocky points.

Whether you’re a seasoned angler looking for a thrilling adventure or a beginner eager to try your hand at something new, don’t miss out on the chance to experience musky fishing on Lake Winnie.

Perch & Panfish Fishing

Lake Winnibigoshish is not only a prime destination for walleye fishing, but it also offers excellent opportunities for perch and panfish fishing. The yellow perch fishery in this lake is particularly noteworthy, with sizes over 11 inches being quite common.

In fact, the gillnet survey conducted in 2019 showed that yellow perch were the most frequently sampled fish. So if you’re an angler looking to target these tasty panfish, Lake Winnie won’t disappoint.

Additionally, there are other panfish species like sunfish and crappie available as well. Whether you’re using jigs or live bait, make sure to explore shallower areas during spring and fall when the water is colder.

Nearby Lakes and Rivers for Fishing

Discover a wide range of fishing opportunities near Lake Winnie, including nearby lakes and rivers teeming with various fish species. Expand your angling adventures and explore these fantastic options for a memorable fishing experience.

Other options for fishing in the area

Lake Winnibigoshish in Minnesota not only offers fantastic walleye fishing, but it also provides other exciting fishing opportunities for anglers. If you’re looking to diversify your catch, you’ll be thrilled to know that Lake Winnie is home to northern pikemusky, and an abundance of perch and panfish.

Whether you prefer the thrill of battling a feisty northern pike or the challenge of hooking a trophy musky, there’s something for everyone on this expansive lake. Additionally, nearby lakes and rivers such as Cut Foot Sioux also offer excellent fishing for walleye, northern pike, muskie, bass, and panfish.

So if you’re ready for some angling adventure beyond just targeting walleyes on Lake Winnie, be sure to explore these other promising fishing options.

Species available in these lakes and rivers

In the fruitful area surrounding Lake Winnibigoshish, the diversity of fish species in nearby lakes and rivers is indeed impressive – a true angler’s paradise.

Lake/RiverFish Species
Mississippi River (Near Winnibigoshish Dam)Walleye, Northern Pike, Bass, and Catfish
Leach LakeWalleye, Musky, Northern Pike, and Perch
Lake of the WoodsWalleye, Northern Pike, Perch, and Sauger
Mille Lacs LakeWalleye, Northern Pike, Musky, and Bass
Cutfoot SiouxWalleye, Northern Pike, and Perch

Equipped with this information, you’re now ready to explore the versatile and exciting fishing opportunities that the lakes and rivers around Lake Winnibigoshish have to offer. Remember, each water body has its own regulations and limits to ensure a sustainable fishing environment. The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (MN DNR) is a valuable resource for the latest updates. Let’s cherish and protect our fishing habitats while enjoying the thrill of casting a line!

Fishing regulations and limits

Adhering to the fishing regulations and limits is crucial for maintaining the fish population and ensuring a pleasant fishing experience for all. Let’s take a look at some of the key regulations for fishing on Lake Winnibigoshish.

SpeciesDaily Bag LimitSize Limit
WalleyeCheck with DNROne over 23 inches
Northern PikeSpecific to Lake WinnieCheck with DNR
MuskieCheck with DNRCheck with DNR
BassCheck with DNRCheck with DNR
PanfishCheck with DNRCheck with DNR

For accurate and detailed information, refer to the 2023 Minnesota Fishing Regulations or directly contact the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (DNR). Remember, these guidelines are in place for the preservation and longevity of the aquatic ecosystem. Always respect the rules and enjoy your fishing adventure on Lake Winnie.


In conclusion, Lake Winnibigoshish in Minnesota is a walleye fisherman’s dream. With its abundance of walleyes and other exciting species, this lake offers endless fishing opportunities.

Whether you’re targeting trophy-sized pike or enjoying a day of panfish fishing, Lake Winnie has it all. So grab your gear and head to this incredible fishery for an unforgettable angling experience.


1. What is the best time to fish for walleyes on Lake Winnibigoshish?

The best time to fish for walleyes on Lake Winnibigoshish is during early summer and fall. Walleyes are most active during these seasons, making it easier to catch them.

2. What are some popular fishing spots on Lake Winnibigoshish?

Some popular fishing spots on Lake Winnibigoshish include around the lake, Cutfoot Sioux, and Big Winnie. These areas have consistently produced good catches of walleyes.

3. What are the regulations regarding walleye fishing on Lake Winnibigoshish?

Lake Winnibigoshish has a protected slot limit for walleyes, which means anglers can only keep walleyes within a specific size range. It is important to familiarize yourself with the current regulations set by the Minnesota DNR before fishing for walleyes.

4. Are there other fish species besides walleyes in Lake Winnibigoshish?

Yes, besides walleyes, Lake Winnibigoshish is home to other fish species such as perch, northern pike, crappie, muskie, and various panfish species. Anglers can target these species as well while fishing on the lake.

5. Can I hire a fishing guide for Lake Winnibigoshish?

Yes, there are fishing guides available for hire on Lake Winnibigoshish. Hiring a fishing guide can be beneficial, especially if you are unfamiliar with the lake or want to increase your chances of catching walleyes.

6. What are some popular methods for catching walleyes on Lake Winnibigoshish?

Some popular methods for catching walleyes on Lake Winnibigoshish include using live bait such as minnows, jigging with artificial lures, trolling with crankbaits, and drifting with spinners. It is important to experiment with different techniques to find what works best for you.


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