The Best Walleye Fishing Spots On The St. Croix River In Minnesota

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Looking for the ultimate Walleye fishing adventure in Minnesota? The St. Croix River, known as one of the state’s top fishing destinations, is your answer. This blog will guide you through the best spots on this river to cast your line and reel in remarkable catches like walleye, sauger, bass, pike and more! Ready to embark on a memorable angling journey? Dive in!

Key Takeaways

  • The St. Croix River in Minnesota offers some of the best walleye fishing spots in the state, attracting anglers from all over.
  • The East Metro Area Fisheries and the stretch of the St. Croix River from St. Croix Falls to Stillwater are particularly known for their abundant walleye populations.
  • Boat access and shore fishing along the St. Croix River provide plenty of opportunities for anglers to catch walleye as well as other fish species like bass, pike, catfish, and sturgeon.
  • Other hotspots on the river include Catfish Bar across from Afton Marina, humps in the river, The Dalles area, Minneapolis/St. Paul area, and Lake Saint Croix in Wisconsin.

Best Walleye Fishing Spots on the St. Croix River in Minnesota

The St. Croix River in Minnesota offers some of the best walleye fishing spots, attracting anglers from all over for a chance to reel in these prized fish.

East Metro Area Fisheries

Located in the heart of Minnesota’s Twin Cities, the East Metro Area Fisheries is a paradise for every angler dreaming of bagging a walleye. Notably famous for its prolific walleye fishing, this area hosts Bemidji, a prominent fish hatchery on the Mississippi River.

Here at Bemidji, you are likely to catch other species such as bass, crappie, muskie, pike, sunfish and perch along with your favorite walleye. To sweeten the pot further, Lake Phalen nearby offers an exciting shoreline fishing experience that’s hard to beat.

Keep yourself informed about regulative measures like fish consumption advisories due to high levels of PFOS found occasionally in these waters though. Great catches come easy around here but it’s always good practice to respect local rules and care for your own safety too.

St. Croix River (St. Croix Falls to Stillwater)

Known widely as a bountiful source of walleye, the St. Croix River flows graciously from St. Croix Falls to Stillwater, marking it as one of Minnesota’s top walleye fishing spots. This stretch of the river offers an array of fishing opportunities thanks to its diverse fishery population that includes not just walleye and sauger but also vibrant smallmouth bass and eager northern pike amidst others.

Expert fishing guide, Charlie “Turk” Gierke often shares invaluable tips for successful angling along these waters brimming with abundant catchable fish species. Just a two-hour drive from St.Paul positions you right in the midst of this scenic beauty where each cast could lead to a thrilling encounter with some of the finest game fish dwellers such as muskellunge and sturgeon, adding to your exciting fishing expedition on the fertile shores of this mighty river.

Boat Access

Navigating the St. Croix River for walleye is a breeze, thanks to accessible boat launches spread out along its expanse. These facilities are strategically located in state recreation areas such as St.

Croix Falls and Stillwater, promising an excellent starting point for your river fishing adventure. You’ll find that this convenience doesn’t detract from the quality of walleyes stocked; it simply makes our beloved pastime more enjoyable.

Whether you’re targeting smallmouth bass or northern pike, these easily reached points of access make it easier than ever to cast your bait into prime fishery waters with abundant populations for both walleye and sauger fishing.

Catching catfish? Even better—the Mississippi River feeds right into St.Croix, creating a unique hotspot where multiple species converge. If you’re an angler seeking not only diverse catches but also ease of entry to a premier spot on the map, consider these boat access sites along the St.Croix River as essential additions to your ever-expanding fishing guide.

Shore Fishing

Shore fishing along the St. Croix River in Minnesota is a fantastic way for walleye fishermen to reel in some impressive catches. The river offers numerous access points, allowing anglers to easily find their perfect spot.

Whether you choose to cast your line from the shoreline at Bayport Beach or Point, or explore the east metro area fisheries like Lake Phalen, there are plenty of opportunities to hook into walleyes and other popular fish species like northern pike, bass, catfish, and sturgeon.

With such diverse fishing options available, the St. Croix River is truly a haven for shore-bound anglers seeking thrilling walleye action.

Hot spots on the Croix

  • Catfish Bar across from the Afton marina is a prime location for walleye fishing on the St. Croix River.
  • Look for walleye on top of humps in the river, as they tend to stack up in these areas depending on water levels and bait fish locations.
  • The Dalles area is a popular starting point for fishing on the St. Croix River, offering excellent opportunities to catch walleye.
  • Don’t miss out on the fantastic walleye fishing in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area along the St. Croix River.
  • Lake Saint Croix in Wisconsin is another hotspot where anglers can have great success catching walleye.
  • Don’t forget that the St. Croix River is home to a variety of other fish species like musky, largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, northern pike, sturgeon, and catfish.
  • If you prefer shore fishing, there are several top spots along the St. Croix River where you can target walleye from the shoreline.
  • Remember to stay updated with fishing reports and regulations for the most current information when planning your trip to the St. Croix River.

So whether you’re an experienced angler or new to walleye fishing, be sure to explore these hot spots on the St. Croix River for an unforgettable fishing experience.


In conclusion, the St. Croix River in Minnesota boasts some of the best walleye fishing spots in the state. Whether you prefer boat access or shore fishing, this river offers a variety of hotspots to reel in your catch.

With its scenic beauty and abundant fisheryanglers of all skill levels will find a memorable fishing experience on the St. Croix River. So grab your gear and get ready for an unforgettable adventure on these renowned walleye waters!


The Best Walleye Fishing Spots On The St. Croix River In Minnesota

The St. Croix River is known for its excellent walleye fishing. Here are some of the best spots to catch walleyes along the river:

  • St. Croix Falls: This stretch of the river is known for its deep pools, which attract walleye during the summer months.
  • Afton: A popular fishing spot, Afton offers a variety of structures and depths where walleyes can be found.
  • Croixsippi: The junction of the St. Croix and Mississippi Rivers is a hotspot for walleye fishing. The changing currents create ideal conditions for walleyes.
  • Stillwater: This area is known for its large walleyes. The rocky shorelines and underwater structures provide great habitat for these fish.
  • Prescott: The waters around Prescott are known for their abundant walleye population. Fishing near the river mouth can be particularly productive.
  • Bayport: This area is popular for its walleye fishing in the spring. The shallower waters warm up quickly, attracting walleyes looking for spawning grounds.
  • Point Douglas: This area offers a mix of rocky and sandy bottoms, which make it a prime location for walleyes. It is a great spot for casting jigs or trolling crankbaits.
  • Marine on St. Croix: The deep holes and rocky shorelines near Marine on St. Croix are known for producing big walleyes.
  • Hudson: The stretch of river near Hudson has a good number of walleyes. Focus on fishing near submerged structures and deep pools.
  • Taylors Falls: The rapids and rocky areas near Taylors Falls attract walleye, especially during periods of high water flow.

What fishing gear and bait are recommended for walleye fishing on the St. Croix River?

When fishing for walleyes on the St. Croix River, there are a few key pieces of gear and bait that you should consider:

  • Rod and reel: A medium to medium-light spinning rod and reel combo is recommended for walleye fishing. It offers the right balance of sensitivity and strength.
  • Bait options for walleye fishing on the St. Croix River include minnows, with shiner and flathead minnows being particularly successful.
  • When targeting bigger fish, shiners in the 4-6″ range are recommended to weed out smaller fish and catch 25″ or larger walleye.
  • Fishing gear for walleye fishing on the St. Croix River includes jigging rods, with readers of Field & Stream testing four popular jigging rods for toughness, power, balance, weight, and sensitivity.
  • Vertical-jigging with live baits such as fathead minnows or trolling crankbaits up-current are recommended techniques for catching walleye in little rivers.


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