“Walleye Fishing at Keyhole Reservoir: A Beginner’s Guide”

Keyhole Reservoir in Wyoming

Introduction to Walleye Fishing at Keyhole Reservoir

You’re looking to reel in that impressive walleye, but you’re not sure where the best spot is? Look no further than Keyhole Reservoir in Wyoming, a 9,300-acre lake teeming with abundant fish species including the prized walleye.

Our comprehensive guide will provide everything you need from choosing the perfect gear, understanding local regulations to identifying peak fishing times at Keyhole. Let’s dive in and hook your dream catch!

Key Takeaways

  • Keyhole Reservoir in Wyoming is a prime location for walleye fishing, offering a vast lake with abundant fish species.
  • The best time to catch walleye at Keyhole Reservoir is during the spring and fall seasons when water temperatures are cooler, and they are closer to shore.
  • Fishing regulations apply at Keyhole Reservoir, including the need for a valid Wyoming fishing license and adherence to specific rules set by the Wyoming Game and Fish Department.
  • Recommended gear for walleye fishing at Keyhole Reservoir includes casting rods, spinning rods, and tackle kits. Quality options include Favorite Fishing Sick Stick Casting Rods, Tailored Tackle Freshwater Fishing Tackle Kits, and Jenko Cypress Creek Crappie Rods.

Understanding Keyhole Reservoir: Details and Amenities

Nestled in the heart of northeast Wyoming, Keyhole Reservoir boasts a mix of natural beauty and top-notch amenities. Spanning 9,300-acre with over 50 miles of shoreline, this vast lake offers ample space for all forms of recreational fun.

It’s not merely about casting lines at this expansive water body; here, you’re served with a plethora of opportunities to make your fishing expeditions much more than just an angling adventure.

To cater to the needs of visitors and local fishing enthusiasts alike, Keyhole Reservoir is equipped with several facilities including marinas, boat ramps, campgrounds and restaurants. A go-to spot among boating fans by virtue of three public boat launch ramps; Brandenburg Loop Boat Launch Ramp, Pine Haven Boat Launch Ramp and Keyhole Marina Boat Launch Ramp.

Each one designed to facilitate easy entry into the serene waters where bass, catfish, crappie amongst other species abound.

No need to drag along bulky equipment either – Keyhole Marina anticipates every angler’s requirements by offering convenient rentals for kayaks and pontoons. The on-site convenience store stocks bait & tackle alongside essentials that’ll ensure you’re well-prepared even if you packed light for your trip.

If overnighting sounds tempting – which it generally does considering the breathtaking sunsets over Wyoming skies – there are attractive RV hookups as well as cozy lodging options available right around the corner!

Best Time for Walleye Fishing at Keyhole Reservoir

Keyhole Reservoir in Wyoming is known for its bounty of fish species, with walleye being a popular catch among anglers. The reservoir yields opportunities for fishing all year round, but the most promising period to cast for walleye tends to oscillate based on various factors such as change in water temperature and availability of prey.

Walleye are cold-water fish, preferring cooler temperatures that often coincide with spring and fall seasons at Keyhole Reservoir. During these times, you can find them closer to shore feeding aggressively after a long winter or preparing for the approaching one during autumn.

Early morning hours before sunrise or dusk usually yield great results due to their superb low-light vision.

Winter presents another opportunity as ice fishing becomes a popular activity at Keyhole Reservoir. Various fish species are available under the frozen cover including Walleyes which remain active throughout winter months.

Ice-access points like Eggie Creek and Little Keyhole Lake offer adequate locations to drop your line during this frigid season.

To navigate these varying conditions proficiently, many turn towards local resources or experienced fishing guides who have thorough knowledge about seasonal patterns affecting walleye behavior in Keyhole Reservoir.

Plus it’s always advisable to check weather forecast prior venturing out Fishing whether be it open water or ice-bound terrain.

Key Regulations for Fishing at Keyhole Reservoir

Before casting your line into the diverse waters of Keyhole Reservoir, you should be aware of the key fishing regulations that apply:

  • valid Wyoming fishing license is mandatory for all anglers wanting to fish in Keyhole Reservoir.
  • There are specific rules and regulations set by the Wyoming Game and Fish Department that must be followed while fishing. Be sure to consult these before starting your fishing adventure.
  • Fishing at Keyhole Reservoir is open year – round; however, specific restrictions on certain fish species may still apply according to different seasons.
  • While boating is allowed on Keyhole Reservoir, only approved kinds of fishing boats, canoes, and kayaks are eligible to use.
  • All activities involving fishing or boating should conform to conservation practices promoted by the Wyoming Game and Fish Department.
  • When purchasing a Wyoming Fishing License for Keyhole Reservoir, also consider buying a Conservation Stamp as this contributes directly towards protecting and conserving fish habitats in Wyoming.
  • The location of your preferred fishing spot has to be chosen wisely. Near Keyhole Reservoir are Cottonwood Creek, Eggie Creek among others where you can also cast a line.
  • Anglers are advised to check with the local marina or bait shop for any recent updates or changes in these regulations before going out onto the water. Contacting Keyhole Marina located at 180 Marina Road would help offer up-to-date information.

Recommended Gear for Walleye Fishing

When it comes to walleye fishing at Keyhole Reservoir, having the right gear is essential. Here are some recommended options for your next fishing trip: casting rods, spinning rods, and tackle kits.

Casting Rods

Casting rods are a popular choice among walleye fishermen at Keyhole Reservoir. These rods, such as the Favorite Fishing Sick Stick Casting Rod and Favorite Fishing Big Sexy Casting Rod, offer excellent sensitivity and control for targeting walleye in various conditions.

Additionally, the Jenko Cypress Creek Crappie Rod is another reliable option for casting purposes. For those looking for a complete fishing setup, the Tailored Tackle Bass Fishing Rod Reel Baitcasting Combo (RIGHT HANDED) and Tailored Tackle Multispecies Fishing Rod Reel Combo provide a versatile solution.

With these high-quality casting rods in hand, anglers can confidently tackle the waters of Keyhole Reservoir in pursuit of their next trophy catch.

Spinning Rods

Spinning rods are highly versatile and widely used for walleye fishing at Keyhole Reservoir in Wyoming. They offer excellent control and precision when casting lightweight lures or bait, making them ideal for targeting walleye in different water conditions.

Some recommended spinning rods include the Favorite Fishing Yampa River Spinning Rod and Jenko Cypress Creek Crappie Rod. These rods are designed specifically for finesse fishing techniques, allowing anglers to make accurate casts with ease.

With their sensitive tips and strong backbone, these spinning rods provide the perfect balance needed to detect subtle bites from walleye while still having the power to reel in larger fish.

Tackle Kits

When it comes to walleye fishing at Keyhole Reservoir, having the right gear can make all the difference. That’s why investing in a quality tackle kit is essential for any angler. The Tailored Tackle Freshwater Fishing Tackle Kit is a highly recommended option that includes everything you need for a successful day on the water.

This kit features a variety of lures, hooks, weights, and other essentials specifically designed for targeting walleye. Another great option is the Jenko Cypress Creek Crappie Rod, which offers excellent sensitivity and strength to handle those hard-fighting walleyes.

With these tackle kits in hand, you’ll be well-equipped to reel in some trophy-sized walleye at Keyhole Reservoir.

Nearby Camping and RV Parks for Fishing Enthusiasts

Keyhole Reservoir offers a range of nearby camping and RV parks for fishing enthusiasts to make the most of their experience. Here are some options to consider:

  • Keyhole State Park Campground: Located right on the shores of the reservoir, this campground offers both tent and RV camping sites. It provides easy access to fishing spots and amenities such as restrooms, showers, picnic areas, and playgrounds.
  • Cottonwood Creek Campground: Situated just a short drive from Keyhole Reservoir, this campground offers a tranquil setting surrounded by nature. It features primitive campsites perfect for those seeking a more rugged camping experience.
  • Mule Creek Campground: Nestled in a scenic location near the reservoir’s south end, Mule Creek Campground provides spacious campsites with fire rings and picnic tables. It is an ideal spot for anglers looking for peace and quiet while enjoying their fishing trips.
  • Deer Creek Campground: Conveniently located near Keyhole Marina, Deer Creek Campground offers easy access to boat ramps and fishing opportunities. This well-maintained campground provides both tent and RV sites with amenities like water hookups, restrooms, and fire pits.
  • Pine Haven RV Park: Situated in the charming town of Pine Haven, just minutes away from Keyhole Reservoir, this RV park offers full hook-up sites with electricity, water, and sewer connections. It also provides amenities like laundry facilities, Wi-Fi access, and a pet-friendly environment.

Conclusion: Enhancing Your Fishing Experience at Keyhole Reservoir

In conclusion, Keyhole Reservoir provides an exceptional fishing experience for walleye enthusiasts. With its stunning landscapes and diverse fish species, anglers can enjoy a thrilling adventure while reeling in their prized catches.

Whether you’re camping, renting a boat, or simply casting from the shore, Keyhole Reservoir offers everything you need to make your walleye fishing trip unforgettable. So grab your gear and get ready to create lasting memories at this hidden gem in Pine Haven, Wyoming.


1. What is the best time of year for walleye fishing at Keyhole Reservoir?

The prime time for walleye fishing at Keyhole Reservoir is typically during the spring and fall when water temperatures are cooler.

2. What techniques should I use to catch walleye at Keyhole Reservoir?

Effective techniques for catching walleye at Keyhole Reservoir include trolling with crankbaits or live bait, casting jigs or soft plastic lures, and jigging near underwater structures.

3. Are there any regulations or limits on walleye fishing at Keyhole Reservoir?

It’s important to be aware of and adhere to any fishing regulations and limits set by the local authorities or governing bodies in regards to size limits, bag limits, and seasonal restrictions for catching walleye at Keyhole Reservoir.

4. What other fish species can I expect to encounter while fishing at Keyhole Reservoir?

Besides walleye, you may also come across other fish species such as bass, crappie, northern pike, catfish, and trout while fishing at Keyhole Reservoir.


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