Soft Plastics for Spring Walleye Fishing: Tips for Your Best Catch

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When spring arrives, anglers can target walleye as they become more active and feed heavily in preparation for spawning. Among the most effective techniques for catching these fish is using soft plastic lures, which can mimic the natural prey of walleye in both appearance and movement.

Soft plastics come in various shapes, sizes, and colors and can be rigged in many ways to suit different fishing conditions, making them versatile tools in an angler’s arsenal.

Whether drifting along a windy shoreline or vertical jigging in deep waters, there’s a soft plastic lure to meet the occasion.

Selecting the right soft plastics for walleye fishing during spring is crucial as these fish can be particularly finicky. Key considerations include the size and color of the lure, which should match the local forage fish.

Texture and scent can also play a significant role; soft plastics that closely emulate the feel and smell of real baitfish often yield better results.

Additionally, the lure’s action is imperative—walleye are more likely to strike a lure that exhibits a lifelike swimming motion or an enticing tail wiggle.

We understand the importance of these factors and integrate them into our evaluations of soft plastic lures for spring walleye fishing.

The objective is to provide anglers with insights that help them make informed decisions, increasing their chances of a successful day on the water.

With thorough research and testing, we take the guesswork out of selecting the best soft plastics for this peak season. After scrutinizing various products that cater to different styles of walleye fishing, we’re ready to share our top picks that enhance your fishing experience and efficacy.

Top Soft Plastics for Spring Walleye Fishing

As we eagerly await the arrival of spring and the excellent walleye fishing it brings, we’ve gathered a selection of top-performing soft plastics to help you land more fish this season.

Whether you’re jigging through the thawing waters or casting along the banks of a lively stream, these lures are designed to mimic the natural prey of walleye, ensuring you get the attention of these crafty predators.

Let’s dive into our favorites, selected for their effectiveness and ability to entice those coveted spring walleyes.

in, these baits truly shine.

DEILAI Soft Plastic Lures


We absolutely recommend these lures for targeting spring walleye; they strike just the right balance of versatility and durability.


  • Resilient material that stands up to tough bites and snags
  • Lifelike shape and action in the water that walleye find irresistible
  • Comes in various colors to match different conditions and preferences


  • Limited customer reviews to gauge long-term effectiveness
  • Might be larger than expected for those used to smaller baits
  • The tail can be prone to damage from aggressive fish

Springtime is prime for walleye, and we were eager to cast these DEILAI lures.

Upon arrival, the variety of colors caught our eye—perfect for testing against the fickle tastes of walleye.

Initially, the lures’ realistic motion is noteworthy out on the water. Their tail action sways convincingly, mimicking a fleeing baitfish.

We took these lures through their paces, working them through rocky areas and heavy cover where walleye lurk.

The materials’ durability was a blessing; the lures handled hits and snags without tearing. Plus, with 25 pieces in the pack, we had plenty of options even when an aggressive pike decided to take a souvenir.

Lastly, the lure’s built-in sequins offer that extra flash.

Under overcast skies, that shimmer caught the eye of more than a few walleye.

Regardless of the angling skill level, our team found the lures easy to rig and fish.

They’re versatile enough for shore casting and deep jigging, making them a solid companion for any spring walleye expedition.

Dovesun Soft Plastic Lures


We think these lures should be in your tackle box this spring for their versatility and the variety of fish they attract.


  • Realistic action mimics live bait
  • Durable and holds up to multiple catches
  • Variety of colors and styles to match conditions


  • Some lures may have inconsistent tail shapes
  • The glow feature could be stronger
  • May tear easily on sharp hooks

On my last trip to the lake, the Dovesun Soft Plastics truly impressed me.

The realistic swim patterns had walleye and bass hitting hard, and I was especially taken by how the paddle tail’s action drew them in even when the water was murkier than usual.

As someone who prefers a well-organized tackle box, the included storage was a boon. It kept the lures separate and accessible, which meant more time fishing and less digging around for the right bait.

Plus, having numerous options in one kit allowed me to switch tactics on the fly without fuss.

There was a slight hiccup with some tails being out of shape, which can affect the lure’s movement in the water.

And while the glowing ones are a neat idea for dusk or dawn, they needed a pretty good charge to maintain their luminescence.

The softer plastic was great for action but did lead to a few tears after repeated strikes. However, considering how many the pack comes with, it hardly put a dent in my arsenal.

SundayPro Soft Swimbait Selection


We think you’ll appreciate the variety and effectiveness of these lures for your spring walleye fishing.


  • Vibrant, eye-catching colors with enticing glitter
  • Lifelike paddle tail action that walleye can’t resist
  • Made with durable, environmentally friendly materials


  • Some pieces might be received deformed, affecting their swim
  • Smaller size than expected, not ideal for anglers targeting larger fish
  • Oil scent may not suit all fishing conditions or personal preferences

I’ll never pass up the chance to share my experiences with fellow anglers, especially when I come across something that makes my fishing trips more successful.

Recently, these SundayPro swimbaits have been a game changer.

The assortment of colors, paired with that glint of glitter, mimics lively prey. Just yesterday, I watched as a walleye couldn’t resist the thump of the paddle tail, resulting in a rewarding catch.

Given the opportunity to test these soft plastics, their performance proved impressive.

They seem perfectly designed to manage the subtle nuances of walleye behavior in the spring.

The environmental aspect also appeals to me; knowing that I’m using products that are less harmful to the waters I frequent is a big plus.

However, it’s worth noting that I encountered a few swimbaits right out of the box that were slightly misshapen. Although this didn’t ruin the overall experience, it’s something to consider.

The oils on the baits definitely add to their allure, but there are days when the olfactory finesse isn’t quite in tune with the walleyes’ preferences.

QualyQualy Soft Swimbait


We recommend the QualyQualy Soft Swimbait for spring walleye fishing. Its lifelike action and impressive details make it impossible for walleye to resist.


  • Mimics real baitfish movements to trigger strikes
  • Highly detailed design with 3D eyes and reflective belly attracts attention
  • Versatile rigging options suit various fishing techniques


  • May tear after a catch due to soft material
  • Smaller sizes might not appeal to those targeting larger fish.
  • The strong scent may not be to every angler’s preference.

The QualyQualy Soft Swimbait’s realistic swimming action was a game-changer. The tail’s split design and super soft material had walleye striking more aggressively than usual. It’s like they couldn’t tell the difference between the lure and their natural forage.

I noticed that the attention to detail on these soft plastics isn’t just for show. The realistic fish scales and gills, coupled with the lifelike 3D eyes, brought a level of authenticity that was clearly irresistible.

Casting it out with a weightless hook, I could almost feel the walleye’s excitement as the reflective flash from the lure’s belly caught the sunlight underwater.

As versatile as the QualyQualy Soft Swimbait, I appreciated how simple it was to rig. The lure performed exceptionally well, whether it was a drop shot for finicky biters or a Texas rig for those more aggressive fish.

This adaptability meant I could keep fishing with the same lure, switching up the technique as needed, which is crucial during those unpredictable spring days.

Despite the rave, I did experience a downside with the soft plastic material. After a particularly feisty catch, the bait showed signs of wear. These lures are quite soft, so if you’re landing a lot of walleyes, pack a few extra.

The smaller size also means you’re more likely to attract a variety of fish, not just the trophy walleyes. Additionally, some anglers might find the rubbery scent off-putting, although it didn’t bother me much—and clearly not the fish either.

Buying Guide

Several features demand our attention when we shop for soft plastics to entice those spring walleye. Material, size, color, and action are crucial.

Material Quality

In selecting soft plastics, we look for durability. Fishing can wear our lures significantly, so a robust material that can withstand bites and snags is a wise choice.

Size Selection

The size of the soft plastic is pivotal. We generally aim for a size that mimics the natural prey of walleye during the spring. A range between 3 to 5 inches is a good starting point.

Color and Visibility

Light conditions and water clarity often dictate the color choice. We usually opt for natural colors in clear water and brighter, more vivid colors or glitter in murkier conditions.


The action of the lure is a critical feature. We look for a tail design that provides a realistic movement, replicating the swimming action of live baitfish.

FeatureWhat to Look ForWhy It Matters
MaterialDurability and softnessLongevity and realistic feel
Size3-5 inchesMatch to prey size
ColorNatural in clear water, bright in dark waterVisibility to walleye
ActionRealistic movement in tailAttract and trigger walleye strikes

We consider these traits to choose the best soft plastic that will work for our targeted spring walleye, increasing our chances of a successful outing.

Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve gathered some of the most common questions about using soft plastic lures for spring walleye fishing and provided specific, actionable answers to help you increase your catch rates.

What are the top soft plastic lures for catching walleye during the spring season?

During spring, we’ve seen that walleyes are particularly attracted to soft plastic lures mimicking small bait fish. Swimbaits, grubs, and jigging shads are our go-to choices. Paddle tail swimbaits are especially effective as their vibrating action entices walleyes.

Which color soft plastics have proven most effective for walleye in springtime conditions?

Natural colors like greens, browns, and silvers are most effective for springtime walleye, as they closely resemble the bait fish walleye feed on. In murkier waters, brighter colors like chartreuse can be very successful in drawing attention.

Can you recommend some techniques for rigging soft plastics when targeting spring walleye?

A popular rigging technique for spring walleye is using a jig head with a soft plastic body. The key is to maintain a slow and steady retrieve or jigging motion to mimic the movement of prey. Drop shot rigs are also effective, allowing the soft plastic to suspend off the bottom.

Are there specific sizes of soft plastic baits that work best for walleye in the spring?

We favor using soft plastics in the 3-5 inch range in the spring. These sizes are ideal as they match the size of the forage fish that walleyes are preying upon after the thaw.

What scents or attractants can be added to soft plastics to entice walleye in spring waters?

Applying scents that mimic live bait, like minnows or nightcrawlers, can be very effective. Scent attractants can make soft plastics more appealing by providing a scent trail that can lead walleye directly to your lure.

How does water temperature in spring affect walleye behavior towards soft plastics?

Spring water temperatures can greatly influence walleye activity levels. As the water warms up, walleye metabolism increases. This makes them more aggressive and likely to go after moving lures like soft plastics.

Under cooler conditions, it may be necessary to slow down your presentation.


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