Northland Fishing Tackle Rumble Shad: A Game Changer?

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Northland Fishing Tackle Rumble Shad – With the rumble shad spring walleye season upon us, we’ve had the chance to cast some lines with Northland Fishing Tackle’s Rumble Shad Crankbait.

Out on the water, this balsa wood bait, crafted through the innovative Heat Compression Molding process, truly lives up to its reputation. It offers a lifelike imitation of shad, perch, and bluegills.

We noticed the tight wiggle action that can entice even the most hesitant predators, whether we were slowly drawing it across the lake bed or trolling behind our boat.

Available in an assortment of eye-catching colors, it’s easy to find a Rumble Shad that matches the local baitfish or stands out in murky conditions.

Northland Fishing Tackle Rumble Shad

However, the experience wasn’t without its drawbacks. At times, we found ourselves checking the premium short shank treble hooks and the oval split rings more often than we’d prefer, ensuring they remained in prime condition for a reliable set.

Maintaining the Rumble Shad assortment is straightforward—rinse off after use and store them dry. This basic care helps keep our tackle in top-notch condition for the whole season.

Bottom Line

For those chasing after the elusive walleye this spring, or any other freshwater game fish, our time with the Rumble Shad suggests you won’t be disappointed.

Its realistic baitfish impersonation and the diversity of sizes and hues offered in this kit are essential for any angler’s arsenal.

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Overview of the Northland Fishing Tackle Rumble Shad Medium Diving Balsa Crankbait

After spending time on the water with the Rumble Shad, we’ve noticed how effectively this crankbait mimics the common forage fish like shad, perch, and bluegills.

With its tight wobble and ability to dive to depths of 5 to 16 feet, depending on the model, this crankbait is versatile enough for both casting and trolling.

The assortment includes ten crankbaits, each showcasing a wide array of colors to match any fishing conditions, from natural patterns to more eye-catching hues.

The balsa construction, formed through the Heat Compression Molding process, and the welded through-wire design from the tie eye to the tail give off a level of craftsmanship that seems to withstand the regular abuse from fish and the environment.

We appreciate the premium components like the short shank treble hooks and the oval split ring on the line tie, which add to the overall durability and performance of the lure.

While using the assortment, we’ve noted that the care for these lures is minimal—just a simple rinse and storage in a cool, dry place keeps them ready for the next trip.

While the assortment is fantastic, we’re left wishing for more detailed information on the effectiveness of each individual color variant. Which worked better under specific conditions, at a specific time of day, or with different target species?

That said, the general consensus is that this crankbait is a reliable addition to any angler’s tackle box.

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Northland Fishing Tackle Rumble Shad: A Game Changer? 6

Key Features

From our hands-on experience with the Rumble Shad, we’ve noticed several standout aspects of its design and usage. Here’s the scoop on what makes these lures a solid addition to any angler’s tackle box.

Heat Compression Molding

One of the first things we have appreciated about the Rumble Shad lures is their construction. The unique Heat Compression Molding (HCM) process forms the balsa wood into a sturdy, consistent shape.

This method has resulted in a lure that’s more durable than your average wooden crankbait. While it’s common to see wooden lures suffer from water damage over time, the Rumble Shad’s HCM design seems to hold up better, retaining its integrity through many outings.

Versatile Fishing Styles

We’ve tossed these lures in different waters with varying techniques, and they’ve performed admirably.

Whether you’re looking to work the bottom slowly or pick up the pace in a troll, the Rumble Shad can do it all.

This flexibility is a huge plus for us, as it means less time switching gears and more time focusing on the catch.

It’s quite a versatile bait, and its tight action mimics baitfish so well that bass, in particular, seem unable to resist it.

Wide Range of Colors

Color options are abundant with this assortment. Our experience tells us that matching the hatch can be crucial, and the Rumble Shad makes it easy with its array of colors.

Choosing the right hue for the day’s conditions—or switching it up when a pattern isn’t hitting—can turn an unproductive day around.

We appreciate the thought Northland Tackle has put into providing an extensive palette to suit any angler’s preferences.

Easy Maintenance

When it comes to maintenance, we couldn’t be happier. The ease of care for the Rumble Shad is a strong point in its favor.

A simple rinse-off after use and storage in a cool, dry place has kept our lures in top shape.

Plus, a periodic check on the hooks and split rings to ensure they’re in working order is a small price for a lure that consistently performs well.

With such hassle-free upkeep, we find ourselves reaching for the Rumble Shads more often than not.

Pros and Cons

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Reflecting on our recent fishing expeditions, one standout element has been the versatility of Northland Tackle’s Rumble Shad crankbaits.

Balsa wood makes for an incredibly buoyant lure, and this one doesn’t disappoint. We’ve noticed its tight action imitates that frantic movement of live prey, which has been tremendously effective, especially when the water is brimming with bass hungry for shad.

We’ve found that the assorted colors in the pack are a significant advantage. Whether we’re out on a bright, sunny day or faced with cloudy, murky waters, there always seems to be a color option that matches the conditions and attracts fish.

This flexibility has allowed us to adapt quickly without having to change our entire setup.

Another pro worth mentioning is the crankbait’s maintenance, which is practically fuss-free. A simple rinse and proper storage have kept ours in tip-top shape.

It’s reassuring to know that taking care of our lures does not require too much effort, as long as we occasionally check the hardware to ensure they’re in good working order.


However, with the Rumble Shad, there are factors we need to consider that might dampen our success.

One such factor is the need for varying techniques. When the fish aren’t taking the bait at its natural buoyancy and action, we have to switch up our retrieval strategies, which might not be ideal for beginners or those looking for a straightforward fishing experience.

Another point we’ve found is the lure’s reliance on matching the hatch. There are days when the fish just don’t seem interested in shad or don’t respond to the typical action we expect.

Those are the times when we wish we had a more diverse range of motions to attract a bite or a different kind of lure altogether.

The Art of Crankbait Fishing

When we took the Rumble Shad crankbaits out on the water, the experience was noteworthy. We observed that when the fish were active, these lures performed admirably in mimicking the natural prey of bass and other species.

The variety in colors allowed us to “match the hatch” or switch to brighter colors when visibility was low.

Crafted from balsa wood using the HCM process, the Rumble Shad showed resilience and a promising swimming action.

Through various casts and retrieves, we were able to explore depths from 5 to 16 feet, depending on whether we were using the #5 or #7 size.

The tight wobble and rolling action were especially effective along drop-offs where fish often ambush prey.

Care for these crankbaits was minimal. After use, a quick rinse and dry were sufficient to maintain them in good condition.

We did make a habit of checking the premium short shank treble hooks and oval split rings for any signs of wear or weakness. This small step ensured they remained ready for the next fishing adventure.

Each outing was a testament to the Rumble Shad’s potential to increase our catch rates. They proved to be an essential addition to our tackle, especially when we aimed for a realistic presentation to tempt educated fish.

The included 36-inch ruler scale was a nice touch, helping us to quickly measure our catch and keep track of the day’s successes.

Customer Reviews

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After getting hands-on with the Northland Rumble Shad, we’ve spent quite some time scouring the web for what fellow anglers have to say.

There’s a noticeable trend of satisfaction regarding its effectiveness in attracting a variety of freshwater fish. The lure’s balance between durability and action in the water seems to be a consistent highlight in customer experiences.

Interestingly, some users have reported remarkable success with bass, while crappie and walleye catches have also been frequent topics of positive feedback.

However, a few points of contention arise with the color assortment; certain anglers wished for a more diverse range to match their local conditions more precisely.

In our use, the Rumble Shad has demonstrated that it swims true right out of the packaging, and the appeal to multiple species speaks volumes about its versatility.

Though a handful of users voiced a need for improved hook sharpness, this appears to be a minor hiccup in an otherwise well-received product. Our outlook aligns with the majority: it’s a solid choice for the tackle box.


Having spent time on the water with the Rumble Shad crankbait, we’ve got a real feel for what it brings to the angling game.

Northland Tackle has crafted a lure that shows commendable versatility when fishing for various freshwater species like bass, crappie, and walleye.

While fishing, we appreciated the bait’s responsiveness and the natural swimming action that seemed to attract bites effectively.

That said, like any fishing tackle, it may not be a universal hit for every angler out there. Personal preferences in lure action and availability of target species can vary.

We did notice the need for precise retrieval to maximize the lure’s potential.

Overall, the Rumble Shad stands out for its construction and has the potential to be a reliable choice in your tackle box for those passionate about freshwater fishing.

Frequently Asked Questions

After spending some time angling with the Rumble Shad, we’ve compiled the most common queries anglers might have about this particular crankbait. Let’s cover what you might need to know.

How does the diving depth of the Rumble Shad compare to other medium-diving crankbaits?

The Rumble Shad is pretty impressive in its diving range.

The #5 model can reach depths of 5 to 12 feet, whereas the #7 can dive between 8 and 16 feet.

This range is on par with, if not slightly better than many other medium diving crankbaits on the market. Even though these depths are pretty standard, the precise dive of these lures is consistent and reliable, providing a steady action that entices fish effectively.

What are the target fish species for the Northland Rumble Shad crankbait?

The Rumble Shad is versatile. It is especially effective for catching bass, crappie, walleye, and trout. Its imitation shad, perch, and bluegill patterns are exquisite for attracting these species. We’ve had success with these species, confirming the Rumble Shad’s effectiveness.

Can you describe the action and buoyancy characteristics of the Northland Rumble Shad?

Certainly. The Rumble Shad exhibits a tight wobbling action that mimics the movement of small baitfish in distress, which predators find irresistible. They tend to float at rest and dive quickly when retrieved. Its buoyancy allows for pause-and-go techniques, giving that critical ‘hang time’ that often triggers strikes.

What makes the Northland Rumble Shad bait unique compared to other Northland crankbaits?

One of the key distinct features of the Rumble Shad is its Heat Compression Molding (HCM) process. This process yields an incredibly durable balsa wood crankbait. The seamless design from the tie eye to the tail provides an integrated structure that can withstand the force of aggressive strikes. This durability and its lifelike patterns make it a standout in the Northland lineup.

How do fishing conditions affect the performance of the Northland Rumble Shad lure?

Like all crankbaits, the Rumble Shad’s performance is influenced by water conditions. When water is clear, its realistic patterns and tight wiggle make it a powerhouse. These conditions enhance visibility and action. Murky waters necessitate brighter colors for better visibility. Its responsive action allows for a range of techniques in different conditions. We find the depth control particularly effective regardless of whether we’re fishing a drop-off or trolling.

What are some effective techniques for fishing with a Northland Rumble Shad crankbait?

We’ve discovered that a mix of steady retrieves, tactical pauses, and twitching works wonders with the Rumble Shad.

Casting towards structures and retrieving past them can entice fish to emerge and strike.

Trolling is also effective; the consistent action at varying speeds keeps the bait in the strike zone longer.

Experimenting with retrieve speed and rhythm can help mimic local baitfish behavior, increasing catch rates.


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