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Looking for the best walleye fishing in Quebec Canada? You’re in luck! Quebec is home to some of the best walleye fishing spots in North America, with deep waters and an abundance of the species.

Whether you’re a seasoned angler or a beginner, you’ll find plenty of opportunities to catch trophy-sized walleye in Quebec’s lakes, rivers, and reservoirs. In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the top locations for walleye fishing in Quebec, as well as some tips and tricks for landing the big one.

Key Takeaways

  • Quebec, Canada is renowned as a top destination for walleye fishing.
  • Some of the best locations for walleye fishing in Quebec include Baie du Nord, Lake Kipawa, Taggart Bay Lodge, Gouin Reservoir, and Lac Achepabanca.
  • Tips for successful walleye fishing in Quebec include fishing in deep waters, fishing during the best times (early morning and evening), using the right bait and lures, employing various fishing techniques (trolling, jigging, live bait fishing), and following local regulations and permits.
  • There are several top – notch fishing lodges and services in Quebec that cater to walleye fishermen such as La Seigneurie du Triton, Kipawa Lodge, L’Aventurier du Gouin,

Popular Walleye Fishing Locations in Quebec, Canada

p74571 Popular Walleye Fishing Locations in Quebec, Canada 033b1f3aed 218808343Baie du Nord, Lake KipawaTaggart Bay LodgeGouin Reservoir, and Lac Achepabanca are some of the best walleye fishing spots in Quebec, Canada.

Baie du Nord

Baie du Nord is a top spot for walleye fishing in Quebec. Many fishermen love this place because it has plenty of walleye. The waters are calm and clear, making it easy to fish. You can find big, trophy-sized walleyes here too! So grab your rod and visit Baie du Nord for your next fishing trip.

Lake Kipawa

Lake Kipawa is well-loved by fishers. This lake in the heart of Quebec has lots of walleye. People also catch big pike and lake trout there. If you hope to find large, trophy-size fish, this is your spot.

There’s an island in Lake Kipawa with a fishing lodge called Kipawa Lodge. It was built in 1960 and has been a prime base for fishing trips ever since! You can stay here, enjoy the wild beauty all around you, and spend your days out on the water.

Taggart Bay Lodge

Taggart Bay Lodge is a great spot for walleye fishing. It sits on Lake Kipawa in Quebec, Canada. The lodge has 1300 miles of shore to fish from. You can drive here from Buffalo, Detroit or Harrisburg.

Not only fishing, but they also offer hunting trips. If you’re looking for the best walleye fishing spots in Quebec, think of Taggart Bay Lodge! Its waters are full of big walleyes ready to be caught!

Gouin Reservoir

The Gouin Reservoir, located in the City of La Tuque, Quebec, is a popular spot for walleye and pike fishing. Anglers can expect to catch walleye weighing over 5 pounds and pike weighing over 15 pounds.

The reservoir is protected by a wildlife conservation program, which means there are limits on how many fish you can catch per regular fishing license – 8 walleye and 10 northern pike.

Many people consider the Gouin Reservoir to be the jewel of Haute-Mauricie due to its abundance of fish and beautiful surroundings.

Lac Achepabanca

Lac Achepabanca is a popular walleye fishing location in Quebec, Canada. This stunning lake offers excellent opportunities for trolling and fishing. It is only accessible by boat, adding to its charm and exclusivity.

The lodge at Lac Achepabanca is located two hours northeast of Senneterre, Quebec. Situated near Lebel-sur-Quévillon in the Nord-du-Québec region, this lake provides a picturesque setting for your fishing adventure.

So grab your gear and get ready to reel in some walleye at Lac Achepabanca!

Tips for Successful Walleye Fishing in Quebec

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Fish in deep waters for a better chance at catching walleye.

Fishing in deep waters

To have a successful walleye fishing experience in Quebec, Canada, it is important to fish in deep waters. Walleye tend to prefer deeper areas of lakes and reservoirs, especially during the summer months.

Look for rocky ledges, drop-offs, weed beds, rock piles, and reefs as these are often the best locations to catch walleye. By targeting these deeper areas, you increase your chances of landing a prize-worthy walleye.

So grab your gear and head out to those deep waters for an exciting day of walleye fishing in Quebec!

Best fishing times

The best times to fish for walleye in Quebec are early morning and evening, when there is low light. Experienced anglers say that the dead of night is also a great time to catch walleye.

On sunny days with little cloud cover, fishing on dark water can be really good. It’s important to pay attention to wind and clouds too, because sunny days with less clouds are considered favorable conditions for walleye fishing in Quebec.

Using the right bait and lures

To catch walleye in Quebec, Canada, it’s important to use the right bait and lures. Popular live baits for walleye fishing here include minnows, nightcrawlers, and leeches. However, it’s crucial to note that using live fish as bait is illegal in some areas of Quebec.

So make sure to check the local regulations before you go fishing. When it comes to lures, versatile options like swimbaits are highly recommended by experts. They allow you to fish fast and cover more water or slow down when targeting less active fish.

By choosing the right bait and lures, you’ll increase your chances of catching walleye in Quebec’s beautiful lakes.

Fishing techniques

Popular fishing techniques for catching walleye in Quebec, Canada include trollingjigging, and live bait fishing. Trolling is when you slowly move your boat through the water while dragging a baited line behind it.

This can be effective for covering large areas and finding where the walleye are hiding. Jigging is another technique that involves using a lead sinker with a hook and a soft body lure to create an enticing motion that attracts fish.

It’s great for targeting walleye in deeper waters or around structures like rocky banks and weed beds. Lastly, live bait fishing uses live bait such as minnows or worms to entice walleye to bite.

Local regulations and permits

To ensure a successful and legal fishing experience in Quebec, Canada, it’s important to be aware of the local regulations and permits. Different territories within Quebec may have different rules and requirements for fishing.

As an angler, you need to familiarize yourself with the specific regulations of the area where you plan to fish. Make sure to obtain the necessary permits and licenses before heading out on your walleye fishing adventure in Quebec.

By understanding and following these regulations, you can enjoy your time on the water while also preserving the natural resources for future generations.

Fishing Lodges and Services in Quebec

There are several top-notch fishing lodges and services in Quebec that cater to walleye fishermen, including La Seigneurie du Triton, Kipawa Lodge, L’Aventurier du Gouin, Beauchene Wilderness Lodge, and Alwaki Lodge.

La Seigneurie du Triton

La Seigneurie du Triton is a prestigious fishing outfitter located in Quebec, Canada. This beautiful property spans 50 square kilometers and boasts 12 stunning lakes for you to fish in.

If you’re looking for trophy walleye, this is the place to be! The lodge has a rich history, dating back to its founding as the Triton Fish and Game Club in 1893. In addition to excellent fishing opportunities, La Seigneurie du Triton also offers a unique “shore lunch” experience where your meals are cooked on the grill right by the lake.

It’s the perfect place for any walleye enthusiast looking for an unforgettable fishing adventure!

Kipawa Lodge

Kipawa Lodge is a popular fishing destination for walleye fishermen. Established in 1960, it is located on its own island, about 22 miles away from the town of Kipawa. The lodge offers a peaceful and relaxing Canadian fishing experience.

Guests have access to 16′ or 15′ fiberglass boats for their fishing trips.

At Kipawa Lodge, you can expect excellent fishing opportunities. The area is renowned for its abundant walleye population, as well as northern pike, smallmouth bass, and lake trout.

Whether you’re an experienced angler or just starting out, this lodge provides everything you need for a successful and enjoyable fishing trip.

L’Aventurier du Gouin

L’Aventurier du Gouin is a fishing lodge located at the heart of the Gouin Reservoir in Quebec, Canada. You can only reach the lodge by boat or plane, which adds to its secluded and isolated charm.

When you stay at L’Aventurier du Gouin, you’ll have access to well-equipped boats with reliable motors for your fishing trips. The lodge is known for its abundance of walleye and pike, making it an ideal destination for walleye fishermen like yourself.

So if you’re looking for a remote and peaceful spot to catch some fish, L’Aventurier du Gouin is definitely worth considering.

Beauchene Wilderness Lodge

Beauchene Wilderness Lodge is a 5-star fishing lodge located in Quebec, Canada, near the Ontario border. It covers a territory of 50,000 acres with 40 lakes, making it an outstanding destination for walleye fishing.

The lodge is known for offering a unique fishing experience and is specifically associated with walleye fishing in Quebec. With its high-quality services and beautiful surroundings, Beauchene Wilderness Lodge provides a top-notch experience for all walleye fishermen looking to catch some trophy-sized fish.

Alwaki Lodge

Alwaki Lodge is a popular fishing destination located outside the village of Kipawa in Quebec, Canada. It’s known for its cozy cabin accommodations that can accommodate up to four people and come with private decks and kitchens.

The lodge offers all-inclusive packages and is highly rated by visitors. What sets Alwaki Lodge apart is its excellent walleye, pike, and lake trout fishing opportunities. If you’re a walleye fisherman looking for a great spot to reel in some big catches, Alwaki Lodge should definitely be on your list of places to consider.


Quebec, Canada is a top destination for walleye fishing. With its abundance of lakes and rivers, there are plenty of great spots to catch this prized fish. Whether you choose Baie du Nord, Lake Kipawa, Taggart Bay Lodge, Gouin Reservoir, or Lac Achepabanca, you’re sure to have an unforgettable fishing experience.

Don’t forget to follow tips for successful walleye fishing and consider staying at one of the many fishing lodges in Quebec. Happy fishing!


What makes Quebec Canada one of the best destinations for walleye fishing?

Quebec Canada is renowned for its abundant walleye population and pristine lakes. The province offers an abundance of secluded lakes and rivers, creating an ideal habitat for walleye to thrive. Additionally, Quebec’s strict fishing regulations and conservation efforts ensure sustainable populations and trophy-sized catches.

Which lakes in Quebec are known for the best walleye fishing?

Quebec has numerous lakes that offer excellent walleye fishing. Some of the best lakes include Lac Gouin, Lac Ontario, and Lake Trout Bay. These lakes are known for their large walleye populations and are popular among anglers seeking trophy-sized catches.

What are some popular lodges or camps for walleye fishing in Quebec Canada?

Quebec Canada is home to several well-equipped lodges and camps that cater specifically to walleye fishing enthusiasts. Some popular options include Pete’s Outfitter Camp, Fish’n Canada Lodge, and Angelo’s Fly-In Fishing. These establishments provide comfortable accommodations, knowledgeable guides, and access to prime walleye fishing spots.

Are there any specific techniques or baits that are effective for walleye fishing in Quebec?

Walleye in Quebec can be caught using various techniques and baits. Some of the most effective methods include jigging, trolling, and using live bait such as minnows or leeches. Different techniques might be more successful depending on the time of year, weather conditions, and the specific lake or river you are fishing in.

Can I fish for walleye in Quebec without hiring a guide or staying at a lodge?

Yes, it is possible to fish for walleye in Quebec without hiring a guide or staying at a lodge. However, it’s important to familiarize yourself with the fishing regulations and obtain the necessary permits. Additionally, hiring a guide or staying at a lodge can enhance your fishing experience by providing local knowledge, access to prime fishing spots, and comfortable accommodations.

Is Quebec Canada a good location for catching other fish species besides walleye?

Absolutely! Quebec Canada offers excellent fishing opportunities for a variety of species besides walleye. Some other popular fish species commonly caught include northern pike, lake trout, brook trout, and smallmouth bass, among others. Anglers visiting Quebec can enjoy a diverse fishing experience targeting numerous species throughout the fishing season.


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