Best Fishing Nets for Walleye: Top Picks for Anglers


Fishing nets are essential tools for anglers looking to land their catch with efficiency and care. Among the wide variety of nets available on the market, those tailored for walleye fishing are designed to cater specifically to the size, weight, and shape of these popular game fish.

The best fishing nets for walleye are characterized by their durable materials, adequate hoop size, and depth, as well as features that protect the fish, such as knotless netting. Knotless netting prevents damage to the walleye’s sensitive scales and mucus coating.

When selecting a fishing net for walleye, one should consider the handle length, net material, and hoop size. Walleye anglers often opt for a long handle that provides better control and reach. This ensures that one can easily scoop up the fish without causing unnecessary stress or escape.

The material of the net is also crucial; coated nylon or rubber nets are gentle on fish and resist hooks getting tangled. Additionally, the hoop size should be large enough to comfortably accommodate the fish, yet not so large that it becomes unwieldy.

Durability is another critical factor, as a reliable walleye net must withstand the test of time and the elements. The best fishing nets for walleye feature sturdy construction that can handle the weight of the fish and the rigor of frequent use.

Moreover, collapsible or telescoping handles offer added convenience for storage and transport, making them favorable among anglers who have limited space.

Top Fishing Nets for Walleye Anglers

We’ve researched and tested a variety of fishing nets to bring you our selection of the best options for walleye fishing. Walleye, known for their elusive nature, require a durable and reliable net for a successful catch. Our chosen nets offer the perfect blend of strength, reach, and sensitivity to ensure you can secure your catch without harm to the fish or disruption to their habitat.

Frabill Sportsman Net


If you’re a serious walleye angler, the Frabill Sportsman Net is a durable and fish-friendly option that should be at the top of your list.


  • Netting is gentle on fish, preserving their slime coat and reducing injury
  • The telescoping handle offers reach and compact storage.
  • Rubber netting avoids the frustration of hook snags


  • Heavier than some other options, which may be noticeable after a long day
  • May not be suitable for larger fish species
  • Higher price point than some alternatives

After spending a day on the water with the Frabill Sportsman Net, it’s evident that the fish-friendly rubber netting is a game-changer. It’s reassuring to know that the fish are being handled with care, and the lack of hook snagging makes for swift releases.

The extendable handle made it a breeze to reach those trickier catches, and then it neatly retracted for effortless storage in the boat.

While handling the Sportsman Net, its solid construction is apparent. The anodized aluminum handle felt sturdy in our hands. Moreover, when reeling in walleye after walleye, the durable rubber material showed no signs of wear—an essential quality for those passionate about fishing and looking for long-term reliability in their gear.

However, as the day wore on, the net’s weight became more noticeable, particularly when netting fish after an extended period. It’s a small trade-off for its durability but something to be mindful of, especially for those with strength or mobility concerns. The pricing may cause some anglers to hesitate, but in our experience, the reliability and performance justify the investment.

KastKing Brutus Net


If you’re searching for a reliable, foldable net for your walleye fishing adventures, this KastKing Brutus Net won’t disappoint.


  • Extremely durable with its high-quality aluminum construction
  • Foldable and retractable design for easy storage and transport
  • The fish-friendly mesh ensures a safe, stress-free catch and release.


  • The included storage bag is somewhat flimsy and difficult to use
  • Not ideal for very large fish due to the size limitations
  • The extended handle may feel less sturdy under the weight of larger catches.

I recently had the chance to use the KastKing Brutus Net on a walleye fishing trip, and it proved to be a great asset by the water. The bright orange EVA handle was not only comfortable to grip during a long day of casting and retrieving, but it also made the net easy to spot during those early morning or late evening fishing sessions when light is scarce.

The net’s foldable feature became an instant favorite of ours, fitting snugly in the boat without taking up much space. It was a breeze to deploy and retreat during the busy moments when a walleye struck.

The aluminum construction gave me confidence that it could withstand the weight of my catch without any trouble, proving its worth when I landed a decent-sized walleye that put up a formidable fight.

While I champion its lightweight and user-friendly design, I found that the bag provided for protection is not as durable as the net itself. While not a dealbreaker, a sturdier storage option would be appreciated.

Additionally, if you’re targeting larger species, you might find the net’s strength at full extension less reassuring. However, it managed all the walleye we encountered perfectly.

Blue Billow Net


We recommend this net for anglers targeting medium-sized walleye thanks to its easy handling and fish-friendly materials.


  • Collapsible and easy to store
  • Fish-friendly rubber mesh
  • Sturdy aluminum design


  • Not suitable for larger catches
  • Net depth may be too shallow for some
  • The extension mechanism can be improved

As seasoned anglers, we’ve seen our share of nets, and the Blue Billow Net brings a mix of convenience and functionality to the fishing experience. With a full reach of 67 inches, we’ve found that stowing it on the boat or kayak isn’t a chore—it collapses to a mere 23.6 inches.

The rubber mesh has proven kind to our catch, minimizing harm and reducing tangles, making catch and release a breeze.

Handling this net by our side feels quite intuitive. The stiff three-piece aluminum handle provides the leverage we need to securely land feisty walleye.

However, it’s the net’s thoughtful details that enhance our fishing expeditions, like the black color that diminishes the chances of spooking the fish—a subtle but appreciated touch.

Still, while adept for walleye, we’ve noticed this isn’t the go-to for the trophies of the deep. Should you hook into a behemoth, the net might seem a bit underwhelming; its relatively shallow mesh doesn’t suit the bulkier catch. Larger species warrant a heftier counterpart.

Moreover, some fellow anglers have noted that the extension mechanism could use a more robust design to handle the intense action of the bigger game. Despite those limitations, its performance has largely met our needs on the water, reaffirming our belief that the Blue Billow Net is a solid choice within its class.

Frabill Conservation Net

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We think the Frabill Conservation Net is a solid choice for anglers targeting walleye due to its durable construction and fish-friendly design.


  • Snag-resistant rubberized netting protects the fish and simplifies hook removal
  • Sturdy, telescoping handle aids in reaching and landing fish
  • Collapsible design allows for easy storage, even in tight spaces


  • Handle grip adhesive may give out over time
  • Net size may be restrictive for larger catches beyond walleye
  • Some anglers might find the price point a bit higher than other nets on the market

Landing a feisty walleye can be quite the thrill, and having the right net on board makes all the difference. The Frabill Conservation Series Landing Net has been our trusty sidekick on recent excursions, and its performance has been nothing short of impressive.

The rubberized coating on the net is gentle on the fish, which is particularly important for catch-and-release anglers – a big win for fish conservation efforts.

Handling the net is a breeze. Its telescoping mechanism is smooth to extend, secure upon locking, and robust during the heat of the action.

The net’s matte black finish keeps fish from getting spooked, an underrated but crucial feature when you’re on the hunt for wary walleye.

After a successful day on the water, we appreciate storage. The net’s compact form, once collapsed, means it tucks away nicely without jostling for space, among other gear.

Beoccudo XL Net


After many hours out on the lake, we’re confident this net is a walleye angler’s reliable companion.


  • Exceptionally spacious, perfect for securing those big walleye
  • The telescopic handle offers extensive reach
  • Aluminum construction provides durability without excess weight


  • Possibly too bulky for casual anglers or those with limited storage
  • May not be as maneuverable in tight fishing spots
  • Storage bag functionality could be better

Upon first handling the Beoccudo XL Net, its solid construction stood out. This isn’t just any net—it feels professional and is designed to last.

After scooping up several decent-sized walleye, the net’s depth and robust frame proved indispensable.

It’s more than just a big net. The telescopic handle is a game-changer when reaching over the side of the boat. You can fish comfortably from a distance without having to lean in precariously over the water’s edge.

As for portability, even though it compacts down well, the size is considerable. I’ve got plenty of space in my gear locker, so it tucks away neatly, but it might be a bit much for very small boats or when you’re already hauling a ton of equipment.

We also put the rubberized netting to the test, and it’s a relief not having to detangle hooks. However, when it came time to stow the net back in its bag, things got a bit clumsy. The bag works, but it could be improved to match the quality of the net.

Buying Guide

Material & Durability

When selecting a fishing net for walleye, we focus on the material’s strength and durability. Nylon and rubber-coated nets are common. Nylon is known for its resilience, while rubber is valued for its protective qualities that limit harm to the fish’s slime coat.

Mesh Size

The mesh size should be small enough to gently cradle the fish without causing damage. A tighter, finer mesh is optimal for walleye as it prevents fins from becoming tangled.

Handle Length & Strength

The handle should be long enough to reach comfortably into the water but strong enough to handle the weight of a walleye without bending. We look for telescopic handles that offer both length and compactness for storage.

Hoop Size

Hoop size must correspond to the average size of the walleye we aim to catch. A medium to large hoop size works best, allowing enough room to easily scoop up the fish.

Portability & Storage

Choosing a net that’s easy to transport and store is essential. We prefer options that are lightweight and collapsible, which make them ideal for longer trips and smaller boats.

Environmental Friendliness

Eco-friendly materials are a bonus, as they ensure that our fishing practices do not negatively impact the ecosystems we enjoy.

FeatureWhy It Matters
MaterialDetermines net longevity and fish safety.
Mesh SizeIt should match the targeted walleye size.
HandleBalances reach and strength for control.
Hoop SizeShould match targeted walleye size.
PortabilityEnhances convenience and storage.
Eco-FriendlyMinimizes environmental impact.

Selecting a net with these considerations in mind will help us ensure a successful and responsible walleye fishing experience.

Best Fishing Nets for Walleye: Frequently Asked Questions

In this section, we address common inquiries about walleye fishing nets, focusing on features, size, materials, and top-rated options for anglers.

What features should I look for in a walleye fishing net?

We recommend a net with a large, deep basket and a tight, fine mesh to prevent injury to the walleye. Additionally, a telescoping handle can be beneficial for reaching into the water from different angles.

How do I choose the right size landing net for walleye?

Select a net with a hoop size of at least 18 inches wide. The depth should allow the fish to be fully supported, with 24 inches being a good standard for walleye.

Which materials are best for a durable walleye fishing net?

We suggest a net made of rubber or coated nylon for durability and protection of the fish’s slime coat. The handle should be strong aluminum or carbon fiber for longevity and ease of use.

Can you recommend a landing net that is gentle on fish for catch-and-release walleye fishing?

Look for nets with rubberized mesh, as they minimize harm to the fish and are easier to handle. These nets prevent hook snags and preserve the walleye’s protective slime coating.

What are the top-rated walleye fishing nets for boat anglers?

Popular choices include the Frabill Power Stow, the Ranger Nets Professional Series, and the EGO S2 Slider. Each has high ratings for durability, practicality, and fish safety among boat anglers.

How does handle length affect the performance of walleye fishing nets?

A longer handle provides better leverage and control, especially from a boat. However, it’s important to balance length with manageability.

This ensures quick and secure netting of the fish.


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